Obedience Classes

“Good Dog” Manners Obedience classes
Where owners and dogs learn and
have fun at the same time.

Bev Warner and Lin Hill teach obedience classes in Cortland at the YWCA from September to April, and in Cuyler at The “Wag” Side Inn during the summer. Motivational Reward Training methods use treats, toys, games, touch, and verbal praise as motivation for good behavior rather than using punishment for bad behavior. These classes meet once a week for 6 weeks with a small class size of 6-8 participants.    NO choke, pinch, shock collars or aversive methods will be used.
Socialization is an integral part of your dog’s learning. A portion of class time is spent with the dogs off leash and playing in a large room with supervision after being observed for safety.  Appropriate and inappropriate behavior will be discussed while they are interacting. Please discuss any growling or aggression issues with Bev prior to the start of class. She can then make the best suggestion for you and your dog.
“Good Dog” Manners Level I classes are geared for humans to learn the principles of motivational reward training, learn to read canine behavior and learn the basics of socialization. Cues taught are sit, down, come, walking politely, leave it, wait and eye contact. It is up to you to practice each week preparing you for a more successful relationship.  You will always encounter other dogs and people wherever you go. What do you do about it? How do you keep everyone safe and still let your dog socialize and have some fun? This information will be valuable for you and your dog throughout their lives.
“Good Dog” Manners Level II classes continue where Level I left off. Bev and Lin increase the difficulty by changing levels of distraction, duration, distance and degree of prompting or luring. Introduction of targeting behaviors, such as sending your dog to a spot and learning to lay on it for a down stay, or targeting their paw or nose to teach behaviors for future use with tricks or agility, etc. Class is often taken to real life situations such as a hike in the woods or walk through downtown or the local park.
Please contact Bev and sign up today!   315-247-2417 or email bev@gooddogunlimited.com

 Lin is Bev’s assistant during the obedience classes. He has many years of dog experience including grooming, training, and working with rescue dogs. He has a Schnauzer named Shadow that he has trained through some behavioral issues. Shadow is very lucky to have Lin!